Meet The Team

Tracy Metelus Ministry is made up of a dynamic group of women who are dedicated to their personal growth and the growth of the ministry.  


Stacy Morrell, President

My name is Stacy, I am the chosen daughter of the most high God. I am a citizen of the heavenly kingdom, who has been sent to an earthly kingdom to declare deliverance and freedom to all men. I am on an assignment by my Heavenly Father to rise up and not be silent. I am victorious in the plans of God for I am a kingdom kid and of royalty.

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Leaudra Patton, Vice President

I am Leaudra Patton,  Believer in Christ, who operates according to God’s will over my life. I understand that I carry the DNA of our father in Heaven, which allows for me to access to the heavenly’s. I have accepted my calling in healing through  writing music and poetry. My passion is ministering and freeing the minds that are lost.

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Sonya Fleshman, Board Member

Sonya Fleshman is a Child of the King. Released into this earth to speak into the lives of others bringing healing, deliverance and financial freedom through mentorship/coaching, dance and teaching.

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Joelle Butler, Administrative Assistant

Joelle Butler is a child of God. She is on divine assignment to reveal God’s truth and provide

healing to the nations while also walking in Christ’s love and generosity. She aims to bridge the

gap between religion, spirituality, mental health, and divine truth through counseling and

teaching. Her passion is to reveal and walk in the indispensable, eternal truth and love of the

ONE AND ONLY living, triune God. And through her personal life experiences she hopes to

encourage others to pursue a direct relationship with God.