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You've taken the first step to a journey in Christ!

Fill out the form below. After you've completed the form you can book your first consultation so that we can have a one on one chat to see where you are in your walk with Christ. Please allow about 10-15 minutes to complete the form. You will be able to schedule your consultation at the bottom of this page. 

Do you practice Christianity?
Are you a part of church or ministry?
Do you lead in ministry?
Are you currently receiving psychological services, professional counseling, psychiatric services, or any other mental health services?
Are you currently taking any psychiatric prescription medication?
Have you been prescribed psychiatric prescription medication in the past?
Have you been psychiatrically hospitalized in the past?
Do you currently experience any mental health symptoms?
Have you experienced mental health symptoms in the past?
Family Mental Health History: The following is to provide information about your family history. Please check all that apply.
Do you having any problems with your sleep habits?
If yes, select those that apply:
Are there any changes or difficulties with your eating habits?
Do you consume alcohol regularly?
Do you engage in recreational drug use?
Are you currently in a romantic relationship?

By signing below, I am acknowledging that I have chosen to receive Healing and Restoration services. My decision is voluntary and I understand that during the course of treatment I need to discuss topics with truth, openness, and transparency. I understand that I must commit to a session package before booking.

Thanks for submitting!

Now that the form is complete it's time to book your consultation.

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